Londons Most Instagrammable Afternoon

London’s Most Instagrammable Afternoon Tea Spots

Londons Most Instagrammable Afternoon

London’s Most Instagrammable Afternoon Tea Spots

Whether wandering around the vibrant streets of Camden Lock Market or looking to have an artisan shopping experience around Covent Garden, you will feel amiss if you don’t spare time for yourself or a friend and sit for some afternoon tea.Afternoon tea is a delectable experience and is quintessentially British. During a top-of-the-range afternoon tea experience, you will sit and enjoy a cuisine of mesmerizing delicate sandwiches followed by scones, clotted cream, and preserves.For bakery lovers, you will often find a selection of cakes and pastries provided, with the best tea you can have. This British ritual has existed for almost 300 years, which was introduced to stem hunger before an evening meal, but it has now become every foodie’s bucket list item.It would not just be a London afternoon tea without a few social media snaps, and that’s no guilty secret! So we have taken the liberty of listing the most Instagrammable and social media-worthy afternoon teas across London, known for their quirky and artistic decor and their afternoon teas.Here are the most Instagrammable afternoon tea spots in London:

Viola’s, Covent Garden

As you hurry around Covent Garden to all the delectable and fascinating shops and attractions, you can be forgiven for wanting a sit-down and enjoying some of London’s best culinary offerings.There is no better sanctuary amidst the shops than Viola’s, which has all the calming charisma you could want in a sophisticated yet delicious eatery – don’t worry, you will have your friends and followers drooling as they see your story capturing the mouth-watering dishes or sumptuous afternoon tea selection on your Instagram story!The beauty in Viola’s is not only the versatility of selection – it is perfect for their famous brunch, a sophisticatedly delicious lunch, or a romantic evening meal – it also boasts beautiful floral decor, an intimate and warm setting, and an afternoon tea experience that will look perfect on any foodie’s Instagram feed.

Peggy’s Porschen Parlour, Belgravia

Based in the bustling heart of Belgravia, this eatery is most notable for its vivid pink exterior and lavish interior – perfect for sparking hearts during a romantic afternoon tea. Peggy’s thrives in their selection of teas to delicious pastries and cakes, with the restaurant boasting a famous Peggy’s Porschen signature cake.The popularity of Peggy’s has exceeded cult status, with over 250,000 Instagram followers, full of London foodies that love seeing their Barbie-style pink cakes.

Sky Garden, Fenchurch

Known for being London’s tallest public garden, Sky Garden can also attest to having the best skyline view of London. This restaurant is perfect for getting the highrise aspect of London in Instagram shots while enjoying your afternoon tea as the sun goes down.The Sky Garden has a wide variety of tasty food, boasting a sophisticated and understated approach to food – we recommend the Sky Garden cocktail. At the same time, you can wistfully gaze over the beautiful cityscape of London.Sky Garden London

The Monocle Cafe, Marylebone

If you are a fan of the minimalist approach to life and aspire for higher levels of sophistication for your afternoon tea, the Monocle Cafe is perfect for you.With a bright and sleek design inside, it can make the perfect setting for the budding Instagram photographer looking to get that ideal modern afternoon tea shot – their pastries are freshly made on-site and are the perfect complement to a London afternoon tea.

The Farm Girl, Notting Hill

An eatery that is fitting of the trendy surrounding area, The Farm girl is very bohemian and holistic in its decor and experience, opting for an Australian approach.The afternoon tea is renowned in the area, alongside their delicious twists on sandwiches and pastry selections, which have built The Farm Girl a reputation that has grown 100,000+ followers on their Instagram!

Sketch, Mayfair

Last but not least is Sketch, located in the affluent Mayfair area of London. It boasts an eclectic and modern interior, the perfect spot for a high-end and lavish afternoon tea in London. The restaurant has picture-perfect afternoon tea, with an assortment of artistic cakes and pastries, delicious teas, and even some refreshing cocktails.The quirky and exciting interior would be perfect for those looking for an afternoon tea snapshot on their Instagram while also hanging around to try their hand-crafted cocktails that will indeed introduce the evening appropriately.Sketch MayfairLondon is one of the world’s best culinary capitals for a reason, and this translates to afternoon tea too. Ask yourself this: did you go to that artisan restaurant or sophisticated diner if you didn’t post it on Instagram?So, next time you feel a bit peckish before a late dinner and want food satiation, you might find your next Instagrammable afternoon tea in the Covent Garden gem, Viola’s.

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